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Delete or cancel your account

How to have your Visibook subscription or account deleted

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Cancelling Your Visibook Subscription

If you signed up for one of our premium subscription plans and wish to cancel it, just go to "Account" from the main menu, then Change Plan > Downgrade to Free.

Deleting Your Visibook Account

You can always leave your Visibook account open with no penalty or fee, but if you'd like to have your account deleted, just go to the "Profile Settings" page. At the bottom of the page you will see the option to delete your account. Just click on the "Delete Account" button and enter your account email address to confirm. Please note that this is not reversible.

* Important!

Please make sure to send us the email using the email address matching your Visibook login. That will give us the confirmation needed to validate that you are the account holder.

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