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FAQ: "How come my clients can't book me online?"
FAQ: "How come my clients can't book me online?"
There are only two steps to take so that your clients can book you online: 1) Create availabilities, 2) Share your calendar URL.
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If you want clients to be able to self-book, you need to create availabilities. If the time doesn't have an availability on it, it's unavailable.

Step 1: Create Availabilities

Tap your calendar to get started.

Then size the availability box to match the time that you want to be available.

Follow the prompts from there.

Step 2: Check Customer Self-Booking Settings

Here's a video showing how you can customize how clients can self-book you. You can even set it so that they cannot self-book.

Go to "Calendar Settings > Customer Self-Booking" to get started.

After these steps, you're done! Now you just need to share your calendar URL (find it in Online Booking)!

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