Beginning January 1, 2020 we’ll be changing prices across all of our plans. We need to increase prices to continue to add features to Visibook, and support increasing levels of messaging and engagement.

Visibook plans & prices, effective January 2020

  • Free: $0.00/mo, up to 25 appointments/mo
  • Basic: $9.99/mo, up to 50 appointments/mo
  • Standard: $16.99/mo, up to 100 appointments/mo
  • Unlimited: $23.99/mo, unlimited appointments/mo

When you will start to be billed the new prices
You’ll start to be charged your plan’s monthly rate on your monthly renewal date, after January 1. Example: if you are billed on the 28th of the month, you will start to see the new monthly price billed January 28th, 2020.

How to check which plan you are on and when your plan renews
To find out or confirm which plan you are on, open the app or website and open the menu. Find “Account” where you’ll see your plan selection, and the number of appointments you’ve booked this month, and the date that your plan renews.

How to change your plan
Open the app or website and open the menu. Find “Account” where you’ll see your current plan selection. Click or tap "Change Plan" and select your new plan.

What if I am not on any of these plans?

If you are on a Legacy Free plan, please select one of our current plans - Free, Basic, Standard or Unlimited. If you don’t select a plan before your first renewal date after January 1, you will be placed on our Free plan which is limited to 25 appointments / mo. If you are on a Legacy Basic plan, you will be placed on our Basic plan which is limited to 50 appointments / mo at a cost of $9.99 / mo unless you select one of our current plans.

Changes to our Free plan
We’re also making a change to our Free plan related to in-app messages and text notifications. Effective January 1, Free plan users won’t receive a text message notification alert for new in-app Messages. Free plan users will still be able to receive and send Visibook in-app messages.

However, all automated text message appointment confirmations and reminders will still be sent to both Free plan users and their customers. 

For those on the Free plan that rely on this feature, consider upgrading to the Basic plan which will continue to have text message alerts for any in-app Messages.

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