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How to get customers to your Visibook calendar
How to get customers to your Visibook calendar
Three suggestions on how to guide customers to your Visibook appointment booking calendar
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Everybody that creates a Visibook calendar gets a unique calendar link that takes users to your calendar. You can find at the top of the upper left menu and you can customize it under "Share Your Calendar."

The first step to get customers to book appointments is to make sure that they have quick access to that link. Here are a few easy suggestions on how to do that:

Facebook integration

Facebook offers an easy ability for you to put a "Book Now" button your Facebook page. Here are the instructions on how to do it. It's super easy!
You can also just post the link to your Facebook feed. It will look something like this:

Put a button on your website

In Visibook, go to "Share Your Calendar". You'll see a custom code snippet just for your calendar. It looks like this:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Schedule an appointment on Visibook" src="" /></a>

Just put that on your website and you'll get a button that website visitors can click to get directed to your calendar.

Leverage your social media

Post your calendar link anywhere your customers follow you (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). If they click that link from anywhere, it will take them to your appointment scheduling calendar.

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