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Setting up Google calendar sync
Setting up Google calendar sync

How to sync Visibook with your Google calendar

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You can set up Visibook to sync with your personal Google calendar. This means two things will happen: 1) on Visibook, you'll be able to see any personal Google events that you've noted and 2) on Google, you'll see Visibook appointments that have been booked.

How to set up Google calendar sync

Under your Visibook profile settings, in the Google calendar sync section, click Add Account.

Set up two-way sync

You'll be presented with options on how to handle the Google calendar sync.

Turn on Google calendar sync so that Visibook events get pushed to Google and that Google events show up on Visibook. Please note that only Visibook events created after the sync switch is toggled on will get pushed to Google calendar.

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